Gloria J


I have been using Nature Pleasantries for almost a year and I am extremely satisfied  with my results I have been able to stop taking some medications and I love the  facial cleansers also the Arthritis ointment  they are heaven sent I am so thankful for these products.


I bought the women’s health tincture literally a day after I discovered I had developed a uterine fibroid. The next day I saw an ad of your product. I don’t believe it was coincidence!

It’s been a week since I finished this product, and I havent been to the doctor yet, but the symptoms are GONE. I had a normal/light menstrual cycle, and there’s no pain anymore. I honestly believe this product is the reason, and the fibroid is most likely gone.

I wrote all this to say thank you for turning your passion into this business and helping so many people like myself use natural remedies to heal. Keep up the great business. I’ll be sure to try out your other products 💕

Michelle S

I was looking for something for my migraines and I got the migraine and headache rub. I was getting a migraine I used this product instead of taking my medicine and my migraine was gone within 30 minutes. I love this product.