A special oil formulated and charged under the full moon to help remove and block negative energy, protects against psychic attack, protects all chakras, purifies and transforms low vibrating energies, and helps to keep one grounded.


Natures Pleasantries Protection Oil has been crafted with magical herbs and essential oils that have protection value.


Each bottle also contains a piece of Black Tourmaline which is a protection stone that balances, harmonizes, and protects the energy field.


This product has already been charged and each ingredient consecrated and blessed for its intended use.


2 oz


*** This item is sold as a curio only. Results are not guaranteed. Make sure to set pure intentions.

Do not ingest this oil internally***


Direction: Use as a body oil by applying to wrists, behind ears and legs, or inside your elbow. Oil can also be used during spiritual baths, and candle dressing.

Divine Protection Ritual Oil