about ME

Natures Pleasantries is the culminating vision of founder and Cleveland State University Alumna Amyia Marie's love for nature and the power that it holds. Witnessing so many loved ones have unresolved, or worsening conditions from chemical based pharmaceutical drugs, Amyia decided to combined her spirituality, love for nature and knowledge of plants to formulate natural products that produces positive results.

And then one day...…. Natures Pleasantries was born!


 Natures Pleasantries LLC mission is to provide a natural holistic way of living by creating  handcrafted skin and body care products, as well as herbal alternatives made with the finest of herbs and other natural ingredients.


Ingredient Commitment


Natures Pleasantries LLC is committed to providing its clients with products & remedies using only the best ingredients, that are 100 % natural, organic, and unrefined to assure the best results are delivered.

Why Organic Products?

Using natural products, and alternative remedies are not only beneficial to your health, but also your overall holistic wellness.

What we use on our skin absorbs into our blood stream and circulates throughout our body. Utilizing chemical based body care products and medicines can cause long term damaging effects on our organs, and wellbeing.

Attention Local Clients !!
All products purchased locally come in plastic & glass containers, which can be returned to receive a discount off per container on refill.

Note: Returned container will be washed, sterilized and used for YOUR refill